What is wrong with the “greatest minds” and “us”?


Melih R. Çalıkoğlu, 29 Haziran 2019

Atina Okulu, Rafael, 1509 – 1511

Is there anything beyond Politics of Conflict?

That old endeavor, the diligent and never ending effort to explain man’s sociality, the search for the deepest meaning leading us to the inner  working of human society is the reason that worths the existence of all the great philosophers that man kind ever generated. 

The undeniable and the unimaginable discrepancies of man’s action as a social agent, his contradictions dashing between concepts of good and evil, just and unjust and the ramifications of his acts that redesign and reproduce the society he is within might be some of the concerns and reasons that caused so many intelligent people to devote their lifetime to the holy grail of explaining the “major” trends what defines a society, Could it be the inconclusiveness and unattainability of such a task  that made this endeavor such enticing to those big minds? 

Okumaya devam et